Post-Doctoral Fellowship

Aim of the fellowship

The aim of the postdoctoral fellowship is to enable young scientists, whose eligibility for the receipt of their PhD/MD degree has been certified, in the five past years, to undertake scientific research under the guidance of a senior scientist. The advanced training is aimed at further advancement of the postdoctoral fellow, to expand and diversify their knowledge and experience in research and train them to serve as a researcher within the academy or beyond.

Finding a Postdoctoral supervisor

Applying for Postdoctoral Fellowship

For applying on the registration form, it is mandatory to attach:

  • Copy of Passport.
  • The candidate’s CV including list of publications, if any.
  • One of the three documents (the latest of them): Confirmation of submitting your dissertation or Certification of Eligibility for a Ph.D. or Diploma of Ph.D.
  • At least one letter of recommendation.
  • Confirmation from the supervisor that he/she agree to supervise the postdoctoral fellowship.
  • Confirmation from the candidate and supervisor that they have read the policy and that they agree with all its provisions and terms.
  • A medical insurance during staying in Israel.

After approving by the Head of the Department the application will be transfer to the Dean of the relevant Faculty and to the Academic Secretariat for final approval.


The Postdoctoral Policy

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