A letter to students from Disciplinary Committee

January 2023

 Dear Students,

With the close of the first semester of the 2022-2023 academic year, and with the onset of the exam period, We wish you the best of luck on your exams and assignments. Honesty in submission of original work – exams as well as assignments – is central to the academic framework, and reflects the personal integrity of each and every one of you. During these times of hybrid instruction combining in-person and online formats, we would like to emphasize sections of the academic policy documents based on these central values:


  1. Work submission – Any academic work submitted as part of university studies must be submitted via the Moodle platform (or any other secure platform as requested by the instructor). You are required to sign the declaration of originality accompanying every assignment submitted. Be sure to submit original work that you alone have prepared. You may not submit work that has been copied, even partially, from another source, including from the internet. You may not submit work that has been purchased or written for you by a third party. You may not sell academic work. When quoting from sources, do so in accordance with the guidelines indicated on the library and information services website. We stress that submission of unoriginal work may lead to severe measures, from disqualification from a course up to suspension from studies at Bar-Ilan University.
  2. Exam integrity  – Remember – exams taken with academic honesty give professional and ethical credence to your academic degree.
  • Regular classroom-based exams – Exam integrity is to be strictly maintained at all times. This includes following all exam instructions as specified by instructors and exam proctors. No supplementary material may be taken with you into the exam beyond what is permitted explicitly by the course instructor.  It is forbidden to have a mobile phone (even if turned off) or any other smart electronic device (such as a smartwatch) with you or within your reach.  Please be sure to comply with this rule to avoid an undesirable situation. The Disciplinary Committee intends to enforce Bar-Ilan University Senate guidelines to the letter, and you will be disqualified from the course without further discussion. Restroom breaks during exams will be permitted as per guidelines and accompanied by a proctor.
  • Exams via Tomax or Zoom – in addition to all that mentioned above, at the start of an online exam you are to sign a declaration of integrity during online online exams. Use of unauthorized material or access to external websites that have not been permitted explicitly is strictly forbidden. With the exception of exam proctors and the instructor, there is to be no interaction with any other student or anyone else during the exam, for any reason, even on technical matters. No supplementary material may be used during the exam beyond what has been explicitly permitted by the course instructor. Exam policy is updated periodically; please be sure to follow all its directives carefully.
  • Please keep in mind that the academic faculty and the administrative staff are carrying out their jobs faithfully, in accordance with Bar-Ilan University procedures. Follow their instructions, grant them your respect and be cooperative.
  1. Respectful behavior – Show respect for every person, be they students, employees or instructors. Any form of physical or verbal violence toward another student or a university employee, whether faculty, administrative staff or service providers, will be addressed by the Disciplinary Committee. Sexual harassment will be treated with utmost severity.

Unfortunately, the Disciplinary Committee has been forced to address a non-negligible number of charges on exam integrity and exam policy violations. Please note – the disciplinary authorities are inclined toward severe punishments in cases that such claims are found to be justified. If the Disciplinary Committee determines that a disciplinary violation has occurred, it is authorized to impose punitive actions – even suspension from studies. Bar-Ilan University disciplinary policy for students and disciplinary committee decisions of the past year are posted on the Academic Secretariat website under Ethics and Discipline.

Please make every effort to avoid the undesirable situation of appearing before the Disciplinary Committee.  Protecting your own dignity and the dignity of others is your obligation and responsibility!

Academic Secretariat                                                          Disciplinary Committee Chair



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